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Ekbas Green Matte Nail Glue 16ML Nail Polish

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How to Use

Step One:

Wash your hands with liquid soap to remove all grease and other debris from your nails.

Step Two:

With a sterile gel sanitizer. Sanitizing gel can not only maintain keep your hands moist while killing off any errant germs and bacteria on your hands.

Step Three:

Exfoliating cream will remove dead skin cells from your hands, stimulating new skin growth, smoothing out blemishes, and promoting better skin hydration.

Step Four:

Dissolve bath salt into a bowl of water and soak your hands. A soak in bath salt can nourish and restore vitality to your skin.

Step Five:

Dry your hands, then use a small amount of hand moisturizer to seal in the nutrients from the salt soak. Wrap your hands in a hot towel and let them sit for no longer than 15 minutes.

Step Six:

Use a small bowl filled with hot water to soak your fingertips. This will soften up the cuticles, making them easier to manicure.

Step Seven:

Use cuticle softening cream to further soften the cuticle. Disinfect the manicure tools to prevent any bacterial infection. Use the cuticle pusher to push the cuticle up, exposing it so it can be cut with the cuticle clipper. Use the Cuticle clipper to cut off the excess cuticle.

Step Eight:

Use the nail file to file the nail down to the desired shape, filing perpendicular to the cut surface of the nail. Use a polishing stick to remove any lines or grain in the nail. Use cotton swabs to clean the fingertip.

Step Nine:

Coat the nail with Nutritional Nail Polish. Coat the nail with the nail balancing agent Coat the nail with a base coat.

Step Ten:

Coat the nail with Nail Polish.

Step Eleven:

Coat the nail with a top coat.

Step Twelve:

Drying Use nail dryers or air dry to dry the polish.


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