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Green Color Extended Dense False Eyelash

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TypeFalse Eyelashes,
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How to use:

1. Check the length of the lashes. Full lashes should follow the natural line of your own. Trim them evenly with scissors to get them to your desired length.

2. Hold the lashes in your hand and apply a very thin line of glue or adhesive along the base, let it sit for 1 minute. Begin with a minimal amount of glue, adding more if needed.

3. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, as close to your lash line as possible, following its natural curve. Adjust the lashes with your fingertips or tweezers.

If you're using lash clamps, place them at the outside corners of your upper lashes. Adjust their position with your fingers or tweezers.


Keep your eyes clean before using false eyelashes.

If you're wanting to have a dramatic look, apply eye makeup.


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