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50cm eSATAp Power ESATA Combo to SATA 22pin IDE 4pin 5V 12V for 3.5" 2.5" Hard Disk Data Cable

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Key Features


This Power Over eSATA to SATA 22pin cable enables you to connect your 2,5“ or 3,5“ SATA HDD externally to any free Power Over eSATA (eSATAp) port. The Power Over eSATA port combines eSATA and USB and enables the power supply of 5V via the integrated USB interface. Thus you do not require any additional power supply for a 2,5” HDD. For operation of a 3,5” HDD just connect the Molex-connector to a power supply.


For 3,5" HDD > Connect power supply !

For 2,5" HDD > Don

t connect power supply !


Connection: Power Over eSATA (eSATAp) > SATA 22pin + 4pin Molex

Voltage: 12V

Cable length: 1m

System requirement

Notebook or PC with a free Power Over eSATA port


PurposePower Supply,
Cable Length (m)0.5,
Weight (kg)0.06,

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